Here's a summary of the men's gymnastics competition which was held on the 12th of September 1998.


Men's ---Artistics Team

1. England 162.275 pts

(Ross Brewer, Craig Heap, Andrew Altherton, Lee McDermott, John Smethurst)

2. Australia 162.150 pts

(Brennon Dowrick, Philippe Rizzo, Andrei Kravtsov, Bret Hudson, pavel Mamine)

3. Canada 155.825 pts

(Peter Smid, Alex Jelkov, Kris Burley, Richard Ikeda, Grant Golding)

4. South Africa 152.025 pts

5. Malaysia 147.075

6. New Zealand 145.325 pts

7. Wales 145.075 pts

6. Scotland 143.675 pts