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Hockey Field

Penalty Corner Free hit by offensive player from a point on goal line at least 10 yards from goal.
Playing Field 100 yards by 60 yards, divided by centre line and 25-yard line on each half of field.
Striking Circle Semi-circle measuring 16 yards from each goal post. Goals can only be scored from within this circle.
Goal Line Part of back line between goal posts.
Halfway Line Centre line on pitch.
Penalty Stroke Free shot taken from penalty spot (6.5 m) in front of goal.
Set Pieces Occurs when ball goes out of play or for an infringement.
Flag-Posts Between four to five feet high and placed at each corner of field.
Bowling Crease One of two transverse lines at either end of pitch, on which wickets are set.
Goals Goal cages are each seven feet high and 12 feet wide.