Weightlifting - 18 September '98

Category Results
Snatch 1. Stephen Ward (Eng) 157.5kg
  2. Leon Griffin (Eng) 155.0kg
  3. Matam David (Cmr) 147.5kg
Clean and Jerk 1. Leon Griffin (Eng) 192.5kg
  2. Stephen Ward (Eng) 187.5kg
  3. Matam David (Cmr) 180.0kg
Overall 1. Leon Griffin (Eng) 347.5kg
  2. Stephen Ward (Eng) 345.0kg
  3. Matam David (Cmr) 327.5kg
Snatch 1. Kiril Kounev (Aus) 165.0kg
  2. Anthony Arthur (Eng) 152.5kg
  3. Simon Heffernan (Aus) 150.0kg
Clean and Jerk 1. Kiril Kounev (Aus) 205.0kg
  2. Andrew Callard (Eng) 190.0kg
  3. Simon Heffernan (Aus) 185.0kg
Overall 1. Kiril Kounev (Aus) 370.0kg
  2. Andrew Callard (Eng) 340.0kg
  3. Simon Heffernan (Aus) 335.0kg


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