Weightlifting - 18 September '98

Category Results
Snatch 1. Akos Sandor (Can) 167.5kg
  2. Tommy Yule (Eng) 160.0kg
  3. Nigel Avery (NZ) 155.0kg
Clean and Jerk 1. Akos Sander (Can) 192.5kg
  2. Tommy Yule (Eng) 190.0kg
  3. Karl Grant (Eng) 187.5kg
Overall 1. Akos Sander (Can) 360.0kg
  2. Tommy Yule (Eng) 350.0kg
  3. Nigel Avery (NZ) 340.0kg
> 105kg
Snatch 1. Darren Liddel (NZ) 165.0kg
  2. Giles Greenwood (Eng) 162.5kg
  3. Christopher Rae (Aus) 160.0kg
Clean and Jerk 1. Darren Liddel (NZ) 202.5kg
  2. John Bilong (Cmr) 192.5kg
  3. Christopher Rae (Aus) 192.5kg
Overall 1. Darren Liddel (NZ) 367.5kg
  2. Christopher Rae (Aus) 352.5kg
  3. Giles Greenwood (Eng) 352.5kg


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